Editorial: Effective leadership made our year work


Nya Huff

While many of high schools in Central Indiana were online, Cathedral provided in-person instruction safely and effectively.

Megaphone Staff

With exemplary leadership and a commitment from every member of the Irish family, we made it through a challenging year, and for that, we can take much pride.

Through all the trials and tribulations, all of the setbacks and stressful periods, we can say that we as the Irish of Cathedral High School have made it. Well, almost.

With the school year waning down to its final few weeks, and students and faculty alike eagerly await the ringing of that final bell that signifies summer, it’s safe to say that this year has been a success. From providing the Cathedral family with a safe setting for in-person learning to continuing to ensure students a good education and experience all while following Covid-19 protocols, we truly have outdone ourselves this year and proved its standing as a top-of-the-line school.

While there are bound to be dozens and dozens (probably more) of available surveys and studies that show how learning happens more efficiently in an in-person environment, anyone can save time spent researching and simply admit that despite the pros of learning virtually, the benefits of being in school are the best option for students. From being able to experience a deeper curriculum and varied activity in class to being able to hold Masses and school assemblies to being able to see friends in the halls, there is no doubt that online school can get tiresome compared to what a typical school day has to offer.

Being on the Hill allows for students to have a vastly different life, not even including the academic portion. For certain students, being in-person could mean they are able to be at a place where they are assured of having a meal during lunch, whereas for others, that could mean they are somewhere where they can get to practice on time if they didn’t have a ride from their house, whether it is on or off campus.

From being able to visit teachers to attending Mass in the mornings, being in person means so much more than just being provided a more effective way to learn. While Cathedral has always been a school that sets academics as a high priority, part of ensuring excellence, diversity, inclusion, integrity and more means providing students with an actual setting in which they can live out those ever-important core values. It’s easy to see how the administration made such an decision to strive for getting students in person once all the points are put out there — or once students have gone through extended virtual learning like that dreaded spring a year ago.

While many schools around the nation were cognizant of the value of in-person learning, most were not able to pull off a full year with as much in-person learning quite like Cathedral managed. The administration fully understood how important and valuable it was for students and staff alike to be on the Hill in order to have a successful year. So being the great administration for which the school is known, our adult leaders put their heart and souls into making sure that Cathedral was able to have the desired learning experience. And as is known, when the Irish put their mind to something, usually they end up reaching their goals.

Whether through implementing Mission Mondays for Covid-19 precaution and cleaning or seeing safe protocols enacted throughout the year, the students and administration have shown just how important being in person is to them by committing to the cause. Every cleaning bell period and every time putting on that mask when stepping out of the car in the morning have been an integral part of taking the necessary steps to make sure everyone is safe. While one might wonder why every school couldn’t be in person, if they just committed to having a viable plan and having the students buy in, the answer is easy: Cathedral likes to take challenges and make them a lot easier than they seem.

With finals, AP exams, graduation and so much more upon us, all that can be had is gratitude for how prepared the students and staff are for this grueling few days. Being in-person has left the students in a lot better shape than those who have had poor schooling experiences this year at other schools.

While next year hopes to be one without masks, along with an Innovation Center, a full and bustling cafeteria and all the Irish students able to be in-person, one can’t help but reflect on how rare of a year Cathedral was able to experience in comparison to other schools, thanks to the commitment of every member of the Irish family.