Campus power outage will take place May 15

Service interruption is due to Innovation Center construction


Ava Amos

Work on the Innovation Center will be the cause of a campus wide power outage on May 15.

Ava Amos, Co-Editor-in-Chief

A scheduled campus-wide power outage will take place on May 15 due to construction of the Innovation Center.

The power outage will start at 8 a.m. and end around noon. During the shutdown, PowerSchool will not be accessible to students and teachers. However, Schoology and the school website still will accessible. 

“The purpose of the power shut down is to attach the electrical panels in the Innovation Center to our existing generator and power. They will tie in the electrical panel center to the generator. To do this safely, we must shut down power to (Student Life Center) and Kelly Hall to add electrical cables to electrify the panels to the Innovation Center. The Innovation Center will have back up power to all center networks and security lights in the event of a power outage,” technology director Mrs. Gara Schommer wrote in an email. 

This power outage will include the school’s server, which Schommer described “as a big deal.” 

She added, “(The) PowerSchool server will go down and can’t be accessed since we house the PowerSchool server locally. Wifi and internet will also go down. Everyone understands the disadvantage of this happening.” Students and teachers will not be able to access PowerSchool to see grades or scheduling, but Schoology will still be up and running.  

Schommer said, “To take advantage of this shutdown, the technology team will be installing new power strips and power management, along with removing old server equipment. Once we finish this, we will hand over the generator key to ‘High Voltage Kevin.’ We have coined our electrician with this honorary name.”

Schommer added that after the power is restored, it will take an hour for all applications to come back online.