Exams will count for 10% of spring semester grade

Teachers make adjustments after administration changes policy


Jack Schneider

Math teacher Mrs. Shana Field says she agrees with the decision for spring semester final exams to count for only 10% of the semester grade.

Jack Schneider, Reporter

In the past, semester finals have accounted for up to 20% of a student’s semester grade, but the administration has decided that all exams this spring will count 10%. Teachers, including math teacher Mrs. Shana Field, are making adjustments due to this change. 

“Originally the entire math department was 20%,” Field said. “Now due to the changes (the finals will count) 10%” 

“(Exams are) good practice for the students,” Field said, “Since we are a college prep school, we help prepare for the big test.” Having the students take comprehensive exams gets them ready for what they will experience in college, she said. 

Since Covid has affected the past two semester and the end-of-course exams, the school is trying to move back to normalcy but adjusting how much one test can affect a semester grade. “The exams will be good practice for the freshmen,” Field said, who added that she is favor of the change because she believes that it’s been a tough year in terms of losses and Covid.

Like every educator on the Hill, Field is getting her students ready for the exams, which start on May 25 wit Alpha and A periods.  “I put review problems on the worksheets we do for class,” Field said. “I’ll also give them a review packet.”