“CHS Live” anchors note year’s successes

Focus now shifts to finding next year’s replacements


Nya Huff

Seniors Jake Langdon, left, and Connor Gianoli served as the anchors of “CHS Live” every Friday morning.

Andrew Deemer, Reporter

After two years of hosting “CHS Live,” seniors Connor Gianoli and Jake Langdon are passing their microphones to the students who will replace them next year.

Library director Mrs. Jennifer Herron has helped coordinate “CHS live” throughout all of its existence. “It began on Dec. 8, 2018. “It was the idea of student Gia Peduto ‘19. She did live news at her grade school, and she wanted to do it here. We did not have an avenue for her to do it here. When we installed the computers that run the announcement screens in the hallways, we had an avenue where we could push a live stream out to those screens,” Herron said.

Since Gianoli and Langdon are seniors, “CHS Live” is looking for new hosts.

Herron said, “It is not determined, but we have tried out several students who showed an interest and came to our call out meeting after the student activity fair in January 2021. (Freshman) Quinn Gianoli has been doing interviews and information segments, and (freshman) Roch Egan has been doing some segments. It could be (sophomore) Karsyn Kramer, (junior) Nick Rodecap or (sophomore) Scout Andersen who have hosted previous live streams.

Herron said, “(Junior) Brendan McCormick likes to do sports, and he is going to cover baseball for us this summer. I don’t know exactly who will be replacing the hosts, it could be a rotating cast, or we could settle on a couple of hosts.”

Throughout the existence of “CHS Live,” Connor Gianoli has worked his way up to being a host. “For that bulk end of my sophomore year, I was a writer and a general news gatherer. I would write the scripts, and I would write some stuff about sports and school events. The rest of the material was left to the main host,” Gianoli said.

I pretty much went right into the spotlight.”

— Senior Jake Langdon

When the show needed a co-host, Gianoli asked his friend Langdon, who said, “I pretty much went right into the spotlight. Mrs. Herron used to write the scripts, and then she encouraged us to write it ourselves. That was for the better because we started to incorporate our own jokes and verbiage into the show. We came out a lot better from our side. She helped run and put the show out on county days which made it a bigger show.”

Gianoli has provided some advice for the future hosts of “CHS Live.” He said, “Don’t take yourself too seriously. It’s not for a grade or an AP or IB credit. It’s something that you got to do because you love it.”

Langdon has provided additional advice for the future hosts. “Connect with the audience, and figure out ways to get them to watch and laugh. If you just read off the news from the newsletter, no one cares. You have to figure out ways to make it funny, interesting, and have some fun aspects to get people excited about it. Whether it be school related, make people care about the show,” Langdon said.

Even though the hosts play a significant role in the production of the show, there are many students who work behind the scenes. Herron said, “(Sophomore) Karsyn Kramer runs our social media, and (sophomore) Antonio Arroyo and (sophomore) Micah Wasmuth trade off on running the computer board. Each week a different person tries it. (Sophomore) Jade Zhao has been a great managing editor where she assigns stories, and she can run the tech board, too.”

Herron noted in an email that Zach Hunter filmed the construction updates of The Innovation Center, and that Jacob Brey helped with tech support for “CHS Live”.

The show has provided Gianoli and Langdon with an opportunity to broadcast the school news. Langdon said, “I look at ‘CHS live’ as a way for the students to talk to the school and a way for it to be student-led. I think it is really important to keep it that way, and that I will miss it and I really do care about it. I’m glad I got to share a part of my Friday morning with them.”