Ignite the Irish fundraiser meets its initial goal

Fogel encourages all students to support their school


Avery Stuckey

Mr. Howard Fogel says the annual Ignite the Irish fundraiser allows every student to give back to their school.

Avery Stuckey, Chief Reporter

The annual Ignite the Irish fundraiser is in full swing and already has achieved the initial goal of generating funds for tuition support, with $180,852 raised as of Sept. 6. 

Chemistry teacher Mr. Howard Fogel, who serves as one of the coordinators of the annual fundraiser, said the Ignite the Irish campaign is important because it allows students to support their peers. He said, “I think it gives students a chance to help raise tuition assistance for their classmates and help spread (this opportunity) throughout their community.”

Although much success can come from fundraising, it can be challenging at times. “Many people are uncomfortable when asking for money,” Fogel said. “You have to look at it as my mission is not to just ask you for money; I’m trying to make sure we have more money for our clubs, sports and activities.”

Sometimes students don’t always know where to start or who to reach out to. Fogel said, “Some of our students don’t have the network of family or friends that can help them, and that falls on us to ask other people to share that with their friends and family.” 

If students are unable to raise their goal, they can help the school in other ways. “We bring them to school for a day of service,” said Fogel, “which changes all the time. For a couple years, we went to a grade school. I think this year because of Covid and the new building on campus, we will ask the kids to do work around campus.”

When students don’t always have the resources to raise money, they are encouraged to help in different ways, which can also be described as philanthropy. “Philanthropy is time, talent or treasure. It takes your time and your treasure to make this work, and for kids who are unable to do that, then it takes your talent and your time to help us give back to Cathedral in a different way,” Fogel said. “I want every student to get through this fundraiser, whether it is with money or (that) they came for the day of service, believing they gave back to Cathedral,” Fogel said.

Each student doing their best to help can benefit everyone. Fogel said, “This is just something I truly believe in with my whole heart. I think it is great for our students to give back to the school. I think it is great to have them reach out to our community. I really want it to be a positive experience for every kid.”