Openings still available for improv team

New theater teacher will serve as faculty moderator


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A wheel on the auditorium stage helps the improv team select its next skit.

Madeline Taylor, Reporter

Improv provides an opportunity to use your voice — and your abs — to share and laugh along with friends. This year with a new teacher in charge, improv will be a new experience for all.

As the lights dim, the crowd applauds and you take a bow. That is what those who are on the improv team see after their performance comes to a close. The improv team is, as described by the improv club moderator, Ms K.T. Peterson, “an incredible team-building opportunity. You lose the fear to speak in public, make mistakes (and) you’ll understand ensemble and collaboration in a really beautiful way.”

Improv, also known as improvisation, involves an unscripted performance usually but is not limited to comedy. Here on the Hill, the improv team typically puts on several shows throughout the year.

Peterson is new to the school and teaches classes in the theater department as well. A part of being new is meeting the challenges of learning to navigate through a different environment. Peterson said, “I think in general just coming into this role and not knowing how anything works (is part of the process). I like making things easier and running smoothly, and I’m still learning all of that. Sometimes I feel like it’s a bit clunky, but I look forward to getting better and giving people the resources they need.”

Peterson also hopes to be able to teach more theater-related classes on the Hill. She said her goal is to expand the theater program and make it more accessible to all students.

While tryouts on this year’s improv team took place the last week of August, there is still an opportunity for students to get involved. Peterson said students could email her or one of the two team captains, junior Charlie Haas or junior Colin Chandler, to join. 

Haas said about improv, “It’s super fun. You get to really be yourself even if you are in character, it’s a good sense of community, we’re all a tight-knit family and you get to laugh your butt off.”