Sophomore Class scheduled for hearing tests

Marion County Health Department will conduct hearing tests on Jan. 23 and 24

Tommy Callaghan, News Editor

Much like any test in the classroom, Marion County Health Department will be conducting a mandatory test for the Sophomore Class. On Jan. 23 and 24, during theology classes, each student in the Class of 2019 will have to participate in a hearing test. Every sophomore around the state will also be participating. Hearing tests will take place in the Athletic Conference Room.

Each screening is done through a simple trial. Students wear headphones and try to determine when some pitch is emitted. While the majority of students will pass on their first try, there is a possibility of going through the evaluation a second time. Show ever, if a student was to fail the test a second time, they would be referred to a doctor or hearing specialist of some sort.

Each group of tenth graders will only have to wait about twenty minutes for each class to be cycled through. In the past, all of the tests were typically able to be done in one day but the new schedule requires that tests take place over two days. The Health Department still conducts the tests for free, even over a slightly longer timeline.