Tech specialist addresses software update

Wilkinson says devices should be backed up first


Madeline Taylor

During E period on Sept. 17, a student works on his iPad in the library.

Madeline Taylor, Reporter

Every couple of months, students hear about a new Apple update. These updates include all sorts of upgrades. From a new display, to new apps, to a new iOS system, multiple things can improve. With this new update, the key feature is security. 

The update was made as a result of security issues involving vulnerability through the iMessage system. Apple and data specialist Mr. Jim Wilkinson said about the security issue, “An Israeli company found there is a vulnerability to create a malicious PDF to be able to take over an iOS device, which includes iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches.” The new update rids hackers of the ability to hack into the user’s iOS through iMessage by patching the vulnerability and protecting user’s personal information from hackers, Wilkinson said. 

Now that this update is available, it means that the vulnerability has been published. Therefore, hackers are now aware that the vulnerability exists if they were not before. As a result, it is important that students on the Hill get the update to protect their devices and the information found inside of them.

Before it is installed, students should make sure that their information, especially Notability, is backed up to prevent data from being erased. There is also no need to wait for an email from technology. Wilkinson said, “This update is fine but when we do major updates make sure to check in with us before you do. There will likely be a new OS coming out in October or November that we will need to test for, but this one should be fine.”