Editorial: Homecoming is a great Cathedral tradition


Megaphone file photo

The first day of Homecoming Week on Sept. 20 is ’80s Day.

Megaphone Staff

Every year Cathedral builds upon great tradition and cultivates lasting memories, and this year’s Homecoming week has shaped up to be no different. Spirit points are asking to be earned, dress-up days are encouraging loads of creativity, and as always, it comes to an end with the Friday night football game, in which the Cathedral family roots the Fighting Irish on to victory, not to mention an exciting halftime where a Homecoming king and queen will be crowned, and a blast of a Homecoming dance on Sept. 23. 

With so much energy and school spirit packed into one week, it’s easy to bypass the people and the place that makes everything happen.

The leadership at Cathedral continuously works to pull off better and better Homecoming weeks every year, and the effort put in this year is sure to be much appreciated after all challenges considered. Just because a tradition has been around for decades does not mean it gets any easier to put together with each passing year. Already, larger traditions have been seen this school year as members of the Senior Class had a blast toilet papering the Hill, covering from figurative head-to-toe the woods lining the drive. 

The daily or weekly traditions that we have come to know and love around campus, such as blessing guests as a school and all-school assemblies, have been able to happen many times this year, and Homecoming looks to be another roaring success as well.

None of the fun traditions that have happened, and definitely not Homecoming week, would be possible without participation from the student body as well. The Student Council has woken up earlier and stayed at school later than meeting to ensure every “i” is dotted and every “t” is crossed in terms of making sure Homecoming week is a resounding success. 

The Student Council has cooperated with administration and the staff to see that Cathedral has yet another safe and fun Homecoming experience. From organizing themes and Homecoming assembly, to getting students involved and excited for what lies ahead, Student Council has been and will continue to put in hours of work to make Homecoming and future traditions the best they can be.

The administration has come alongside the Student Council and the student body as a whole to encourage students to help make this Homecoming one for the ages. Many educators have not just helped outside their usual hours and hours on campus; they worked overtime to put Cathedral in position to enjoy and relish the week-long experience. Enthusiasm and spirit have not been lazily encouraged by administration, but rather emphasized and exemplified, as not only do the students want a riveting race for the spirit stick to ensue during homecoming week, but teachers too. The work of each and every member of the school administration from top to bottom has been put in, in hopes of creating an environment for school spirit to thrive during homecoming week and in the future.

While thanks can be said and appreciation can be verbalized, the best way to thank the Student Council, the administration, the class officers and all who worked on Homecoming week is to bring the energy, spirit and noise that the Irish have always brought. Is Homecoming week truly the tradition it is without the additional Cathedral traditions of school pride and coming together? There are few better times to mesh as classes and as schools than during the exciting five days, and the best way to show gratitude for one’s school and the planning that many have put in is to unite and have fun. 

Whether it is waking up a bit earlier to find the perfect outfit for Wild Wild West theme on Wednesday, or trying to raise more money for the Ignite the Irish fundraiser even when you’ve already surpassed your goal, going the extra mile counts. The school sure is thankful for every minute of preparation that has gone on to make this week happen, and there’s no better way for that thankfulness to be shown than in the enthusiasm and energy of the Irish.