September is Suicide Prevention Month

Social worker: Be open and honest with your feelings


Avery Stuckey

A sign out the office of Mrs. Aly Weaver ‘12 provides students with mindfulness strategies.

Avery Stuckey, Chief Reporter

September is Suicide Prevention Month. This topic can be a sensitive one to discuss, which is why it is important to raise awareness.

Bringing this to the attention of students and staff makes it easier to educate people over this topic. “At Cathedral we are making sure that we have awareness about suicide prevention month,” said social worker Mrs. Aly Weaver ‘12.

 Some staff members already have helped share this information. “There are different things that have been done already this month, including the counselors doing a presentation to the seniors in their resources, and then the peer mentors giving a presentation to the freshmen that are in their groups and more awareness over ‘CHS Live,’ Weaver said.

The sensitivity around this topic can make it difficult for people to talk about. “What I say is to always just be open and honest about how you are feeling, because there are so many resources not only inside Cathedral but outside Cathedral, too, that can help you through any of those thoughts that you may have,” said Weaver.

It can be difficult but it is important to go to an adult directly. “I think the most important thing students can do is tell a trusted adult when a friend or classmate is feeling like that. Sometimes that can be really hard, because they might think they are ratting them out or they will be mad at them,” said Weaver. “One of the most important things if you know that a friend is feeling suicidal, down, or even having a bad day or acting differently the most important thing to do is tell an adult.”

 This month can affect everyone in different ways. “It can be a positive effect with the awareness that it provides just to make sure students know it is OK to talk about it and how they know it is not something to keep quiet or be embarrassed about if you feel like that,” Weaver said.

 Whenever someone is feeling upset there are many sources that students can access. “I’d say to reach out to me through email or the mental health counselor here through Community (Health) are two great resources that students can use,” said Weaver.

 A lot of teamwork is used to be able to bring awareness to a topic like this. “I just help with the counselors, peer mentors and the presentation that has been done regarding Suicide Prevention Month to raise awareness,” said Weaver

Many opportunities exist to educate yourself on suicide and to build awareness in order for a person to be able to help a struggling friend or family member. Weaver said, “If anyone wants to be a part of planning any awareness event for next year that, that’s something we are looking for because we always want more student involvement with mental health and suicide awareness.”

Anyone struggling, or anyone who has a friend or family member who is struggling, may call the suicide prevention hotline at 800-273-8255.