Cathedral welcomes shadow sibling day visitors

More than 160 seventh- and eighth-graders visit campus


Photo submitted

Younger siblings of current students check in before school on Sept. 23.

Liam Eifert, Managing Editor

The Cathedral family has welcomed more than 160 seventh- and eighth-graders to campus on Sept. 23 for sibling shadow day. 

The timing with Homecoming week is intentional. Mrs. Maribeth Cloud ‘86 said, “Families who have current students here want their siblings to come during Homecoming so they can see all the fun that we have.” 

The siblings took a group picture before the start of the school day and will remain on campus the entire day and leave with the rest of the students at 3:15 p.m.  

Sibling shadow day may be on its way to becoming an established tradition on the Hill. Cloud said, “We talk about family all the time at Cathedral, so I think Homecoming is the perfect week to celebrate family. I think students take so much pride in their school and being on this campus, and I know they go home and they tell their siblings all about it, so it’s just a great opportunity to celebrate family.”