Face Off: Definitely a big time fan of pumpkin spice


Meg Hasch

Meg Hasch, Reporter

Pumpkin spice and everything nice. A classic fall phrase that gives a positive connotation to one of autumn’s trademarks, the pumpkin spice flavor.

The best example for specifics is the pumpkin spice latte. In classic Starbucks fashion, every year the pumpkin spice latte is released in late August, about a month before autumn’s beginning, but there are no complaints from my side of the bridge. While many will argue that pumpkin spice isn’t truly pumpkin spice, it isn’t the pumpkin or the taste that makes it amazing. It is the feeling of comfort that it radiates when ingesting the immaculate taste of anything pumpkin spice and the thought of something exclusively for the fall. 

When trailing through the store in the autumn season there is everything pumpkin spice: latte, cookies etc. When something is exclusive, it seems more important to get said thing. It just seems better because the facts are, it is not an all year thing. Yes, it tastes amazing and just a great feeling when anything pumpkin spice is around; it is not pumpkin spice and everything nice for no reason. If pumpkin spice was around all year, I will admit it wouldn’t be as great. But when something is exclusive and has been branded a trademark, being without it — whatever it is — would not be the same. 

Think of a fall without pumpkin spice. It just does not sound right, and quite frankly criminal if this were to ever happen. Pumpkin spice is not only amazing for the taste, the thought, the fall enthusiasts and the role pumpkin spice plays in making autumn, but the phrase pumpkin spice and everything nice gives it a delightful connotation that makes those who yearn for the autumn season all year round have that warm, fuzzy feeling.