Flu shot clinic will take place on campus Oct. 7

Students need permission from their parents to participate


Daniel Kent

The old cafeteria will serve as the site for flu shots for both students and educators on Oct. 7.

Daniel Kent, Reporter

As the seasons change and temperatures begin to cool, flu cases are bound to rise. Although the flu is not completely preventable, getting a flu vaccine is the best protection. The school will once again hold a vaccine clinic open to both students and staff on Oct. 7 from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the old cafeteria.

Getting a flu vaccine this year is more important than ever as the Covid pandemic continues. School nurse Mrs. Marianne Vogt ‘83 said, “The flu can be really serious for people, especially if they have an underlying condition like asthma or anything that causes their immune system to be not as effective.” Vogt said that teachers can sign up by using a link in the educators’ bulletin, and students can sign up by using a link in the student newsletter. Parental consent is needed for students to get the shot.

Vogt explained that if someone has recently received the Covid vaccine, there is no issue with getting the flu shot as well.

Human resources generalist Mrs. Beth Ernst said she hopes the clinic will be a success. As of Oct. 4 she said, “We have about a little over 80 students and about 50 to 60 staff (signed up).”

Vogt said that she expects a couple hundred students and staff to be signed before the clinic takes place.She also said that with the Covid precautions that are already in place, she believes that flu rates will be low this year. She said that washing hands along with basic hygiene, cleaning desks and, as she said, “Wear(ing) your mask properly,” will keep Covid and flu rates down.