What part of disposable don’t you understand?

Nurse reminds students to wear masks no more than one day


Megaphone file photo

This is where your mask should go at the end of each day.

Karstyn Ward, Reporter

School nurse Mrs. Marianne Vogt ’83 reminds students to bring a fresh mask to school and to wear that mask no more than one day.

Vogt said she has handed out more than 400 masks so far this school year. She said,  “Students are usually given the mask for free unless it is a recurring thing where a student forgets their mask almost every day.”

Another issue with masks involves not changing them. Vogt made it clear that a disposable mask should be worn no more than one day because the three layers start to fade, making the mask less effective and more germ-laden. Vogt said, “A way to avoid this is by using a cloth mask. They are efficient because in the long run they save money, can be washed and reused, and help not pollute the environment or harm animals.”

Vogt emphasized the importance of masks. She explained how if she spit with her mask on at someone it would be on her. She said, “Masks do really work and students should remember them to school and wear them properly, but also remember the important of wearing a clean or new mask when possible.”