Spinprov team continues weekly practice sessions

New members of the group are welcome


Melissa Sheppard

The theater’s green room serves as the site for weekly Spinprov practice sessions.

Liam Eifert, Managing Editor

The Spinprov team meets every Friday after school in the theater’s green room to prepare for future competitions.

Theater director Ms. K.T. Peterson said, “Spinprov is still kind of figuring out who they are and what they want to be.” At this point, only one show is scheduled for late next spring on May 6, but more performances of the team, which is similar to a comedy improvisation group, are a possibility. Peterson added, “I hope they add some more (shows), even for just practice.” 

Peterson stressed that although practices have taken place continuously since school started, new members are more than welcome to try it out or join the team. She said, “If people are interested, reach out to me or (theater department chairman) Mr. (Michael) Moffat and I’ll get them in touch with the captains. They can come to rehearsal. They’re always welcome to try it out.”

Juniors Colin Chandler and Charles Haas serve as the team captains.