Face Off: SAT should not require an appointment


Madeline Taylor

Madeline Taylor, Reporter

During the first semester, sophomores and juniors have the opportunity to take the PSAT. It is a practice test of the SAT which takes place during October and the top students can earn a scholarship from it. Also, it’s a great way to study for the SAT and become familiar with that format of tests. It may be time consuming, but it is helpful to students in doing better on the actual test. Practice makes perfect is the saying after all. 

The motto also applies to the SAT itself. Having an SAT day for juniors and seniors would be beneficial to all students. It would provide an opportunity to get an extra practice test in and it would also provide students with another chance to improve their scores. College is important to many students and the SAT is a crucial part of that. Providing students with as many opportunities to succeed in that test is a great way for the school to help students prepare for college. 

Another great feature is there aren’t any major drawbacks to providing students with another day to take the SAT. If students really do not want to take it that day, then they don’t have to, similar to how juniors do not have to take the PSAT. For those students who do want to, however, providing them with the opportunity is a great way to show support as a school. Taking one extra day out of the school year to have an SAT test day shouldn’t have any major consequences on the schedule either.

In the long run, students will benefit more from doing well on the SAT in addition to that.  The benefits outweigh the negatives so as a result, Cathedral should provide students with an extra day to take the SAT.