Visitor to anatomy classroom hides in plain sight

Crested gecko takes up residence in Mrs. Mills’ room


Meg Hasch

A crested gecko has joined the Irish family in Mrs. Susan Mills’ classroom. There’s no word on whether he can get you a discount on your insurance.

Meg Hasch, Reporter

Take a visit to Mrs. Susan Mills’ anatomy room and usually a fish or two can be viewed swimming in their tank; however, not only is there a fish or two this year but also a crested gecko that has snuggled itself up in the comfort of Mills’ classroom on the third floor of Kelly Hall. 

Crested geckos are native to Southern New Caledonia and were thought to be extinct until having been rediscovered in 1994 during an expedition. These geckos require high ceilings in their tanks and branches and such for climbing purposes. Like most geckos, this species possesses the ability to camouflage, which in short terms means hiding in plain sight.

So, what is this gecko doing on the Hill? This gecko was brought in by junior Caleb Martin, who said, “It is a better environment and he gets to see more people and the cage is much bigger.” The gecko’s name, according to Caleb is, “Guirllmo.” Guirllmo has been with the Martin family for about a year now and is actually not necessarily Caleb’s. “He’s my younger brother’s,” the junior said.

This little guy was introduced to the anatomy room a few weeks ago, said Martin. Already Guirllmo has made many friends through Mills’ anatomy classes and seems to be loving his new habitat,  but, like almost everyone else on campus, went home for fall break will plans to return on Oct. 25.