Shipping delays affect spirit shop inventory

Director cites Covid-19 as the cause for many shortages


Lilly Art

As is the case for retail sites all across the country, problems with shipping are affecting the school’s bookstore/spirit shop as well.

Lilly Art, Reporter

Delays in shipping products from overseas to the United States are creating shortages in consumable goods. Products can range from vehicle parts and technology to clothing and kitchen supplies. Just like so many other companies experiencing these shortages, the school’s spirit shop faces similar issues. 

Many products are on back order, and with Christmas approaching, this may affect potential customers looking to buy gifts at the shop.

There have been several problems with manufactures receiving inventory and supplies that they need to make their products. the The school’s spirit shop has a wide variety of both local and nonlocal vendors, like Blue 84 and Giraffe-X Graphics. These vendors have the same issues as other companies. Many of their deadlines have been pushed back, and things are moving much slower than before.

Covid-19 has contributed to these setbacks. Spirit shop merchandising director Miss Emma Peebles said, “All of our (vendors’) delays are due to Covid, and they haven’t been able to staff factories due to social distancing.” Without workers, the entire shipping process is slowed down, and the supply chain becomes inefficient.

This year for the holidays, Peebles plans on selling featured Christmas items in the spirit shop. Fortunately, most of these featured items have arrived, but other products like shirts and sweatshirts might not get to campus on time. Peebles said, “We need to make sure we are ahead of schedule. We need to look further ahead than in the past (in terms of ordering products).” 

There may be a little less to choose from this year, so Peebles’ advice to those looking to buy Christmas gifts is to shop as early as possible. For updates, she said, “You can follow our social media if you want to stay up with all our products and different things happening in the shop. It is @cathedralspiritshop on Instagram and Facebook.”