Time change will affect every clock on campus

End of Daylight Saving Time on Nov. 7 will result in updates


Megaphone file photo

The plan is to have all clocks on campus showing the correct time when students arrive to school on Nov. 8.

Avery Stuckey , Chief Reporter

When the “fall forward” time change occurs on Nov. 7 due to the end of Daylight Saving Time, several dozens clocks on campus will have to be changed.

Director of technology Mr. Brian Haselby will coordinate this change. “The clocks on campus are all on a synced network, and when the time changes it changes on the network,” he said.

Unlike on your automatically correct smart phone, however, there are some challenges that come with changing the times on every clock in three different buildings. “It’s difficult because of all the different types of clocks, and some of them are 35 plus years old,” said Haselby, who added, “Teachers cannot change the clocks on their own or we would have to go through and set 57 clocks.”

Some of the clocks may malfunction due to the change and the technology team is ready to help. Haselby said, “We are constantly working on getting them all accurate and we welcome anyone to let us know if there are any clocks in error so we can fix them.”

The Nov. 7 change also will — hopefully — result in the correct times being set on several clocks on campus that have displayed the wrong time since the first day of school.