Assembly on Nov. 12 will honor veterans

Students, faculty and staff will gather in the WAC


Megaphone file photo

The school’s Civil Air Patrol will be involved in the Veterans Day assembly on Nov. 12.

Madeline Taylor, Reporter

In honor of Veterans Day, the Irish family will gather in the Welch Activity Center on Nov. 12 for an assembly. 

Director of Student Activities Mr. Anthony Ernst said the event will honor those veterans who served and will educate students on the role veterans played in American history and the sacrifices they have made.

Any current Cathedral educator who is a veteran will be recognized. 

The assembly will include participation by members of the school’s Civil Air Patrol. Junior Alysse Neal, who is a member of CAP, said they will “perform the colors and will also be standing guard (for) prisoners of war/missing in action.” The performance of the colors is part of the flag ceremony. It, according to Neal, is meant to “pay tribute and respect to all the current and past service members and honor the country in full service dress.” For some of the Civilian Air Patrol, that means dressing in the Air Force’s camouflage; for others it can be wearing full service dress. 

With the goal of the assembly being to honor veterans and their service, this, along with the standing guard, will provide pivotal points during the assembly. The band — which also will march in the Veterans Day parade on Nov. 11 in Downtown Indianapolis — along with the choir and several speakers, also will be part of the assembly. 

As a result for students on the Hill, Ernst said, “(This should be) a special assembly and one to remember.”