Peer mentors will help freshmen prep for finals

Exams will take place Dec. 15, Dec. 16 and Dec. 17


Melissa Sheppard

The library is just one place on campus where students will prepare for final exams.

Daniel Kent, Reporter

With finals week (or actually, finals three days) looming, students’ stress is rising. But there is one way to drastically reduce any anxiety: preparation. 

Finals will take place on Dec. 15, Dec. 16 and Dec. 17, with Christmas break following. Students have the opportunity to demonstrate to their teachers that they have retained information, and teachers can use test scores to make any needed adjustments in their instruction. Studying over the next month, utilizing available resources and asking questions can greatly improve the grades on your final exams.

Vice Principal for Academics Mr. Mark Matthews wrote in an email, “It’s always better to start reviewing early instead of trying to cram for the exams at the last minute. Cramming doesn’t lead to good retention.” 

Additionally, studying over a long period of time can help quell any confusion and answer questions. School counselor Miss Jenny Myers said, “Time will fly when we get back from Thanksgiving break, so any time kids can spend that break just looking ahead and planning ahead for what they might need to focus on would be helpful.”

Matthews said, “On Dec. 15, students will take their Alpha, A and B period finals. On Dec. 16, the scheduled finals are C, D and E. Then on Dec. 17, we will have finals in F and G.” This is a change from past years when two finals were given each school day and the finals were spread over four days rather than three. 

Students should know the general overview of the test to better prepare for specific studies. Myers stressed the importance of finding a method that works best for the student. She said, “Do some review, whether that is best for you to do individually, or have a study group from kids in your class.” 

Myers said that students should take advantage of the Learning Commons and office hours, which are held in the morning on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Students can receive focused help from their teachers and ask questions. 

There are numerous resources available for students to study from including their notes, making flash cards or Quizlets and using websites such as Khan Academy and Ask Rose. Myers said, “Ask Rose is through Rose-Hulman (and it’s) college students that are available to help with academic support.” The program focuses on math and science, and it is open to Indiana’s students in grades 6 through 12.

Myers also explained the Indiana Department of Education also partnered with another online studying program called The non-profit, which was founded by Sal Khan, offers students the opportunity to receive free tutoring on Zoom calls. The website says that it can help in SAT prep and math from pre-algebra to calculus.

Peer mentors will also assist their freshman mentees in test preparation. Peer mentor and senior Janiah Reese said, “(We) will create a study schedule for them and just give them motivation.” The schedule will consist of a plan to study for certain classes at certain times and have an organized schedule. Reese advised the freshmen, she said, “(To) take things slow. Make sure you look over your information in increments, not everything all at once.” 

Myers stressed the need for self care. Finals are often a time when students do not stop to think about their own mental health. Myers said, “Make sure we’re taking time to breathe and to focus on ourselves. (Take) a little bit of a break from the intensity (of finals).” Whether that is going on a walk, taking a nap or getting a bite to eat, having a break to focus on yourself can go a long way. Myers also reminded students that if they are ever overwhelmed, they can talk with their counselor. 

Knowing how to properly prepare will help students get the best possible score on their finals. Studying frequently and taking advantage of available resources are two great methods to help students. Matthews said, “For (anyone) who may be nervous about comprehensive exams, I simply say relax, start studying early, go into the exams with a good attitude and confidence you’ll do well, and, of course, pray that God helps you to do your best.”