Love is in the air for three senior couples

Six members of the Class of 2017 prepare to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Griffin Spurgin, Reporter

For some, it is a celebrated occasion that requires chocolate, flowers and a spectacular date with the one you love. To others, it is a hated reminder of the love they don’t have right now.

Every year we celebrate the holiday of Valentine’s Day. Couples, loved ones and even close friends express their love and happiness they share with each other. Even though most people do not know the reason why this day is called Valentine’s Day.

Back in the third century AD, Emperor Claudius II banned men from getting married. He said that married men were not loyal to their jobs as soldiers. Valentine did not agree with this. He held marriages in private for people until he was caught. He was sent to prison to be executed.

Execution occurred but not before he himself fell in love with the jail keepers daughter. On February 14, the day of his death, he wrote a letter that expressed his love and feelings for her. He signed it, from your Valentine.

The modern-day traditions of Valentine’s Day go as far back as the Middle Ages, when people in love would write love poems.

Valentine’s Day is not only an American holiday. People in Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, France and Australia also celebrate the “day of love.”

Apart from Christmas, Valentine’s Day is the biggest day for sending greeting cards. According to the Greeting Card Association, almost 1 million greeting cards are sent around the country.

This is how and why we celebrate Valentine’s Day. Not only to thank those we love but also to be reminded to not take things for granted. Love is often forgotten throughout the year but on this day everyone remembers to say I love you.

So whether you will be spending Valentine’s Day with the love of your life or you’re just planning a small get together with friends, don’t forget to tell someone you love them.

The Megaphone found three senior couples willing to put their love to the test.

Seniors Tomas Hidalgo 

and Sarah Whitaker

Questions for Tomas: 

What is your favorite class?

Tomas answered: Creative Writing

Sarah said: Creative Writing

What is your favorite food? 

Tomas answered: Pizza

Sarah said: Pizza

Who is your “man crush”?

Tomas answered: Leo DiCaprio

Sarah said: Heath Ledger

Questions for Sarah: 

What is your first choice for college? 

Sarah answered: Purdue

Tomas said: Purdue

What is your favorite food?

Sarah answered: Pasta

Tomas said: Pasta

What is your favorite beverage?

Sarah answered: Diet Coke

Tomas said: Diet Coke

Seniors Ben Farmer

and Jane Dorsey

Questions for Ben: 

What is your color? 

Ben answered: Blue

Jane said: Blue

What is your favorite song?

Ben answered: “You Don’t Know How it Feels”

Jane said: anything by Tom Petty

What is your favorite food?

Ben answered: Pizza

Jane said: Pizza

Questions for Jane: 

What is your favorite food?

Jane answered: Macaroni and Cheese

Ben said: Ketchup

What is your favorite color?

Jane answered: Purple

Ben said: Purple

What is your favorite song?

Jane answered: “Hollywood”

Ben said: “Hollywood”

Seniors Maggie McNulty 

and Joe A’Hearn

Questions for Maggie: 

What is your favorite color? 

Maggie answered: Pink

Joe said: Orange

What is your favorite food?

Maggie answered: Any type of seafood

Joe said: Bacon

What is her favorite song? 

Maggie answered: “Under the Bridge”

Joe said: “15 and the first”

Questions for Joe: 

What is your favorite color?

Joe answered: Gold

Maggie said: Gold

What is your favorite food?

Joe answered: Crab

Maggie said: Crab

Which country would you like to visit one day? 

Joe answered: China

Maggie said: Malaysia