Face Off: I have no doubts about J-Term


Daniel Kent

Daniel Kent, Reporter

As the first semester winds down, many students look forward to a fresh start in the second semester. 

But before that can happen, students will experience two weeks of J-Term. This new program will provide students with an intensive course of their choosing and the ability to explore passions and newly found interests. Many students will look forward to getting out of the more traditional academic classroom during J-Term and explore something new and in one case, in a different country. 

Some courses include college boot camp, farm life, marine biology and a Canadian pilgrimage. The more 40 J-Term options will offer great educational opportunities, and the two weeks will amount to approximately one semester of class. In many courses, students will be able to leave the confines of their classrooms and meet others who have similar interests. 

The first two weeks back from Christmas break can often be challenging with the dark and dreary winter season, but a break from the classroom will relieve stress and uncertainty from students’ minds. 

J-Term will provide hands-on experiences that have the potential to be more impactful, interesting and educational than traditional classroom time. For example, one can learn about history or art in a class, but they can not fully experience it as they would in a museum. J-Term courses like intro to art history and will afford students the ability to see and appreciate art displays in person.

A small number of students may argue that the program will bring disruption to the school year and their daily schedule. However, the J-Term program is strategically placed in between the two semesters to be out of the way and not cause disruption. While students will experience a different form of education, the start and end of the days will be somewhat similar to a typical school day. 

Doubtful students should be more optimistic about the many benefits and opportunities that J-Term will present.