Senior transitions from volleyball to basketball

From one court to another, Bremer excels in two sports


Maggie Johnson

During the varsity’s 66-33 win over University on Nov. 16, senior Katie Bremer plays in-your-face defense. Bremer led the Irish in scoring during the game, hitting six of nine shots from the field and totaling 14 points.

Madeline Taylor, Reporter

While she may not be the quarterback of the State champion football team, senior Katie Bremer knows all too well what it is like for a fall sport season to conclude, only to pick up conditioning for her winter sport. 

Bremer is a varsity athlete in both volleyball and basketball. Balancing multiple sports, school and the happenings involving senior year, organization is key. Bremer said, “Just being able to manage my time and keep track of my schedule is probably the most difficult part of it all.”

As a senior, Bremer has gotten to know her teammates and coaches throughout her high school career. Both of her coaches have known Bremer and have coached girls’ sports for years. Volleyball Head Coach Mrs. Mary Ording Hemer ‘09 said one of her favorite parts about coaching is “helping girls work towards their goals, helping them realize that they can do more than they thought they could, just kind of breaking out of that comfort and realizing potential.” 

In addition to both coaches enjoying their positions with their respective teams, watching Bremer learn and develop over the past few years has been interesting for them to see.

In four years, a lot can change in a person. They can develop all kinds of skills and traits. Time management is a skill that often comes with maturity, and in the case of Bremer, she has most certainly learned how to do so as time has gone on. Women’s basketball Head Coach Mrs. Lisa Finn said, “I think she’s definitely progressed at that over the last few years.” 

Luckily in Bremer’s case, the skills involved in both basketball and volleyball can intertwine. Upon first glance, basketball and volleyball may seem to be markedly different, but upon further inspection, they can mesh. Bremer said, “Jumping tends to overlap a lot, but I feel like it can be so different. The transition makes me really sore because I don’t use the same muscles. Hand -eye coordination is helpful though.” 

Hemer added, “There’s some athletic skills in general like shuffling and foot speed and overall athleticism that’s going to help. I think there’s a lot of blocking and there’s a lot of similar things that I think overlap a bit.” 

It’s nice to be active and to always be doing something.”

— Senior Katie Bremer

With balancing both sports, adding in school and other parts of life to the mix can seem like a lot. For Bremer, however, it’s a part of her daily routine. She said, “They’re so different, so it’s fun to do both. It’s nice to be active and to always be doing something.” 

To relax after a tough day, Bremer said, “(I) make sure to do my work early for school and then I like to relax and stay in my bed. Watching movies and stuff calms me down. Currently, I’m into watching Marvel movies.”

Looking ahead toward the future, college is on most seniors’ minds. For Bremer she said that she plans to major in analytics or math. Bremer added, “I’ve applied to Loyola, Marquette, Miami of Ohio and University of Cincinnati.” 

Although she doesn’t know whether she wants to participate in sports in college, her coaches have high aspirations for her. Finn said, “I definitely see her potentially playing basketball in college. I think she’ll be at maybe a smaller school, but I think she’ll have a huge impact wherever she decides to end up.” 

Bremer is an example of someone who balances it all. She manages school, sports and her social life. To her coaches, she is a positive influence on her teams. Hemer said, “Katie is a gamer. She always wants to win. She just brings whatever she can to win.”