Plans are brewing for new coffee shop

Students will run business to gain workforce experience


Ally Pea

Business teacher Mr. Brendan Surane outlined plans that are in the works for a student-run coffee shop.

Ally Pea, Reporter

Plans are in the works for the eventual opening of a student run coffee shop.

Business teacher Mr. Brendan Surane is heading the project. According to Surane, administrators and faculty members are putting plans in place, but student input is important to the coffee shop’s success. “We wanted to add a student-run element to the school and many successful schools use coffee shops to do this,” Surane said. 

Principal Mrs. Julie Barthel is excited to see what positive effects this will have on campus, Surane said. Both Surane and Barthel believe that this will help students get real life experience in the workforce before going to college. 

The rotating schedule is creating a challenge, however. With the rotation, Surane said that the team is having trouble figuring out how the shop would be able to run during lunch, but morning and afternoon hours are confirmed. The shop is expected to be located in the new Innovation Center with construction beginning on June 1. 

While many of the details are still undecided, Surane said that meetings about the menu and hours of operation are underway. “We want (students) to reach out and help with the planning and we are open to all suggestions,” Surane said. 

Surane said, “Right now, we need as much student input as possible, because it is for the students.”