Junior Class officers finalize prom plans

Event is scheduled for April 23 at Crane Bay


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Senior Reese Sanders attended last year’s prom with Jake Langdon ’21.

Katherine McCauley, Reporter

The Senior Class’s first — and last — prom is just around the corner. Because of Covid-19, they were not permitted to attend last year and will experience the only prom of their high school careers on April 23 at the Crane Bay Event Center.

While prom should be business as usual, some minor changes will be made. English teacher Mrs. Lisa Blamey and English teacher Ms. Laurie O’Brien, as the class moderators, are in charge of the Junior Class officers, who plan the prom. Blamey said students will still be Breathalyzed when they arrive and before they leave the event, but buses will no longer be used to transport students from campus to Crane Bay. Students will be able to drive to and from the event. Two free tickets will still be granted to the students with the best promposal, Blamey said.

Covid-19 did cause some of these changes and almost all current seniors were not allowed to go to prom during their junior year. However, there was an exception made to that rule when Senior Class president Reese Sanders attended the event last year with the Class of 2021. Sanders said she bid in a silent auction and won the ticket to prom.

Sanders said, “I was a little nervous about going into the dance, but my nerves (were) immediately set aside when everyone was happy to see me there. The Class of 2021 was so welcoming, and we all had a great time dancing, taking pictures, and enjoying each other’s company.” Overall, she said her experience at prom was gratifying.

I’m very excited to attend prom with my own class.”

— Senior Class President Reese Sanders

“I’m very excited to attend prom with my own class,” she said. Sanders also said she hopes juniors will be able to go to prom alongside the seniors this year. Sanders said she is fired up for prom because she will be able to experience it with her friends while they go to prom for the first time.

Regarding planning the prom, Blamey said the process is long and detailed and requires great efforts from the Junior Class officers. She said safety is a priority and as of now the plan is for masks will be worn throughout the entirety of the event. Blamey also said the class officers began planning the prom in December, will select the theme by February and will have food and drinks determined by March.

Junior Class officer Lucy Clark said the officers’ first prom meeting was on Dec. 6. “A lot goes into planning the prom, and it takes months to create the best atmosphere for the event,” Clark said.

Blamey said she hopes the class officers’ work pays off and the Junior Class will be able to attend the prom with the seniors.

The guys ask girls dance will hopefully be the highlight of the seniors’ high school experience, said Clark. Utilizing their budget, Clark said her and the rest of the Junior Class officers hope to surpass expectations and produce a spectacular event.

Last year the prom was held at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum. This year, prom is being hosted by the Crane Bay Event Center in Downtown Indianapolis. The event center has an in-house sound and lighting system. It’s an indoor and outdoor facility designed to host large events. The school has held prom at the Crane Bay Event Center in years past.