Rookie Show will be performed Jan. 20

Spinprov team also will be on stage for the first time this year


Liam Eifert

The stage is set for the annual rookie show.

Liam Eifert, Managing Editor

The annual Rookie Show takes place in the theater Jan 20 at 6 p.m. Admission is free, but there will be a donation bin.

There are three shows and four skits from Spinprov scheduled. Spinprov is the school improv team, and this will be their first performance. The first show is directed by juniors Karsyn Kramer and Scout Anderson, the second by juniors Allison Pea and Joseph Mariani and the third by juniors Colin Chandler and Olivia Griffith. The three shows share six newbie cast members

Pea said the show should last about an hour. She said, “Come show up if you can.”