Spirit shop places order for spring merchandise

Director also makes request for student feedback


Ella Bundy

It may be sweatshirt and hat weather now, but the bookstore already is gearing up for spring.

Ella Bundy, Reporter

Since it moved to its new location a little more than two years ago, the spirit shop has seen many seasonal changes, but now it is time to welcome spring. 

In the store, lanyard pins, school uniforms, spirit wear and bumper stickers are just a few of the options available. With spring on the horizon, the spirit shop is placing orders and beginning to prepare for the change of seasons.

One thing students can look forward to is having access to more spirit wear designed for the spring season as well as new options for spring sporting events merchandise. “We expect new bucket hats, baseball hats, athletic shorts, short sleeve T-shirts and more starting to arrive in the spring,” spirit shop merchandising director Miss Emma Peebles said. “We’re excited to add more gear.”

Around once a month, the spirit shop rearranges the sales floor to make room for new spirit wear, uniforms and basic school supplies.

Currently, the spirit shop is “looking for student volunteers to sign up for a student review board and give input on future spirit shop products,” Peebles said, and added, “It would be a minimal time commitment and a fun way to be involved in seeing products you are excited about in the spirit shop.” Students can email Peebles for more details. 

While the date for when the spring order of spirit shop goods will arrive is still unclear, students should look forward to a new round of items coming soon.