Women’s swimming Sectional prelims postponed

Event now will take place Feb. 4 and Feb. 5 at North Central


Cathedran file photo

The women’s swimming Sectional prelims scheduled for Feb. 3 have been moved to Feb. 4, with the semifinals and finals set for Feb. 5 at North Central.

Karstyn Ward

The women’s swimming and diving team was scheduled to participate in the Sectional prelims at 6 p.m. on Feb 3 at North Central. However, due to the winter storm, their schedule has changed, with prelims now set for Feb. 4 and the diving prelims and the swimming semifinals and finals on Feb. 5. 

Head Coach Ms. Ashley Hill shares her thoughts on how she prepares her team for the Sectional. “Our practice routine and schedule usually stay the same and we try to be very consistent. A lot of our practices are tapered, but very specifically. We tried to start with a workout that allows them to try to achieve their top times to gain confidence as they get into the end of the season,” Hill said.

Almost every competition day stays the same and is consistent so that during the whole season team members are, in effect, preparing for the Sectional meet. 

Hill said, “When we have practices before game day, we try the best we can to preserve our bodies. We usually run a set of workouts where they start to learn, and this helps them gauge their speed in the water better.”

Sophomore Libby Lewis explained her routine, She said, “I make sure to drink a lot of water and have a good snack beforehand, which is usually a granola bar. I usually try to eat a very healthy lunch around 3 p.m. Our meets usually start at 6 p.m. so I have time for the food to settle. I like to pack snacks to eat during the meet as well.”