Editorial: Following the rules creates a safe campus


Cathedran file photo

Wearing a lanyard around your neck — not in your pocket or attached to your backpack — helps keep our campus safe and secure.

Megaphone Staff

While they sometimes seem to be a little bothersome, there are good reasons why students should follow our campus rules and regulations. 

Going to high school up on the Hill, it can often be hard to remember the importance of following the necessary precautions on a school campus. Cathedral’s tucked-away campus typically becomes a second home for those who spend time here, and it truly creates a beautiful sense of community. 

However, it is always important to remember and abide by the rules in place and the steps taken to make the campus what it is, from lanyards and door locks, to our very own campus officer.

The lanyard policy stirs its fair share of groans every time a student is told to put on their lanyard by their teacher or is sent to technology to buy a new one, but the implementation doesn’t solely have use for safety reasons, but practical reasons as well. Wearing an identification card makes it quick and easy for students to access, enabling the flow of students through lunch lines and through entrances to the three main buildings of the campus. 

That being said, it further allows teachers and staff to identify students and their grades more easily. With different colors for each grade, it is faster for students to pick out kids in their grade and teachers their students. Additionally, it reinforces campus security by ensuring that all people on campus are openly identified in case of an emergency.

All the lanyard use would be for not if it wasn’t for the purpose of keeping our doors locked to any unwanted visitors. Sad as it is to talk about, high school campuses have infamously been targets across the country for years, and while the chances are slim to none that anyone with malicious intent walks through Cathedral’s doors, it never hurts to be safe than sorry.

For students and teachers with lanyards and identification cards on hand, door locks represent nothing more than a half-second delay on the way to class, but they are instrumental in making sure that the campus is as safe as can be.

Another step in campus security is the well-ordered parking system in place. Campus parking may not seem like a big deal at all, and it especially draws ire from the student who has to have a meeting due to the lack of a parking pass. The documentation makes sure every car parked on campus is registered though, which enables people such as Officer Tabby to identify whose car might have been dinged during dismissal, and how to notify them.

Furthermore, it prevents people from taking up spots that should be used for year-round student drivers and staff, which is a big priority considering how limited spaces are due to the confines of the campus. While there is something beautiful and unique about Cathedral’s grounds, it does mean that no, the senior lot will not be expanding and adding parking spots any time soon for those upperclassmen who prefer to stroll on to campus at 8:55.

School safety is another reason why Cathedral maintains a closed campus throughout the school day, instead of letting students leave for lunch or early for resources as many wish. In the event of any possible harm to the integrity of the school’s safety, it’s important to make sure that all students are accounted for at all times.

All these and more subtle parts of the school’s rules are enacted to keep students, and all people on campus, safe. While it doesn’t often cross one’s mind while walking from religion to English the possibility of the school being in danger, it’s because of policies like the ones mentioned, and people like Officer Tabby, who keep it that way.

So next time you’re walking around the halls of Loretto or being greeted by a gorgeous sunrise while on your way to junior lot, make sure to slide your lanyard around your neck and remember to be grateful and respectful of the precautionary gears that turn every day behind the scenes.