Asynchronous eLearning days scheduled

Students will learn from home Feb. 9, Feb. 25 and March 3


Megaphone file photo

Mrs. Shannon Braun provided additional information about upcoming asynchronous eLearning days.

Madeline Liter, Reporter

 Snow and eLearning days have different sets of rules and expectations, although students are at home for both.

Academic operations manager Mrs. Shannon Braun said that there are asynchronous eLearning days scheduled for Feb. 9, Feb. 25 and March 3.  

Braun said, “There are times where we will ask our teachers to provide instruction via Zoom on some eLearning days, but on the eLearning days coming up, our teachers are actually going to be involved in some other things. It’s called asynchronous eLearning and that is when the kids can learn and do (work) that the teachers post on Schoology. They do projects and do work on them on their own time. They just have to have them done by the due date that the teacher suggests.” There are contrasts of schedules between an eLearning day and a snow day.

Braun said, “If there was a snow day and we’re asking (students) to do Zoom, there hasn’t been a concrete schedule made yet, but I would assume it would stay the same exact schedule that we’re on. If we’re on a Day 5 we would stay on that schedule, kind of like we did last year with Mission Mondays.” 

Looking at it from a teacher’s perspective, Braun said that she likes to be able to see her students and to connect. However, Braun said she assumes it’s easier for students to do eLearning because most students don’t like having their cameras on. There are a set of standards that students are expected to follow on both sets of days.

Braun said, “Per policy, students have to be in uniform top and have their camera on. Obviously, for asynchronous we can’t see you. It will be up to principal Mrs. Julie Barthel’s discretion and I could totally see her saying that you can wear spirit wear instead, but it will depend on the day.” Braun also said that students should be sitting upright and not in their beds. Students do not need to check in on Zoom during resource period.

In regards to student athletes, Braun said that if weather conditions improve, they are allowed to hold sports, but if the weather isn’t safe they would cancel sports as well. 

As a final reminder for students, Braun said, “Be safe. The whole reason we call snow days is to keep our kids and families safe. So for you to drive to a friend’s house to do work or something, it wouldn’t be safe for you. Check in with your teachers if you don’t understand something and even if it is asynchronous, make sure you email them and ask questions.”

“Overall, just enjoy. It’s one of those things where we have to roll with the punches, so just make the best of the day and learn as much as you can.”