Young Republicans to gather on Feb. 22

Focus of the meeting will be on economic issues


Website screen capture

Information on the website of Dr. Matthew Will provides more information about the Young Republicans’ guest speaker.

Ella Bundy, Reporter

Mark your calendar for Feb. 22, because the Young Republicans Club, moderated by social studies teacher Mr. Mark Noe, is opening its doors to a speaker from the University of Indianapolis. 

The speaker, Dr. Matthew Will, is director for external relations for the School of Business at the University of Indianapolis. He has worked for both large Fortune 500 companies and small regional companies in the private sector, according to his website. He is also an economist and lecturer who will speak to the Young Republicans club about the current U.S. and world economy. 

Having spoken about “Preparing Students for Today’s Business School” which was presented to the Business Professionals of America, and “The Economy and the Presidential Election,” which he presented to a community high school, he brings a lot of experience to further educate and help connect with students.

The Young Republicans Club is set on strengthening the future members of the Republican Party and preparing the next generation of conservative leaders and families. Their mission is to create a community of students that are interested in politics, where members can participate in discussions, meet like-minded individuals and learn about conservative values. This information and more is shown within the club’s page on the school website. 

The meeting will take place in Room 4109 at 8:10 a.m. Any student is welcome, with the knowledge in mind that the club is a safe place to share opinions and not one in which conflict should arise. For more information, students can contact Noe, faculty moderator, or just show up and learn.

Noe did not reply to an email requesting additional information.