Senior Sophia Mathioudakis practices calligraphy

Student creates website selling calligraphy signs

Senior Sophia Mathioudakis writes calligraphy on Feb. 3 during Flex.

Emily Abriani

Senior Sophia Mathioudakis writes calligraphy on Feb. 3 during Flex.

Lauren Smith , Culture Page Co-Editor

With the use of technology and the disappearance of cursive, it takes a lot of focus for the typical high school student to be able to write legibly, but senior Sophia Mathioudakis has mastered this skill and more.

Over the summer and into this year, Mathioudakis learned how to write using calligraphy.

“I had seen a bunch of (calligraphy) on Instagram and stuff over the summer, and I’ve always liked art and drawing, so I taught myself,” she said.

Further into the school year, Mathioudakis continued to teach herself and to improve this skill.

“What I saw first were Instagram videos, and I just thought it was really satisfying to watch, and I was like ‘oh, that would be nice to learn,’ so I read stuff online and watched YouTube videos,” said Mathioudakis.

She continued, “When I first started I was really bad. I had to learn what worked for me.”

Mathioudakis has her own website,, to sell calligraphy signs she has made.

She said, “I’ve been selling some things to family friends and other friends. (On her website), people can submit requests for work and to buy them.”

The money Mathioudakis earns from her website goes toward purchasing more supplies.

Right around the time Mathioudakis became interested in calligraphy, moderator Ms. Caroline Bryan formed the Brush Lettering Club here.

Mathioudakis said, “(Ms. Bryan) started (the club) at the beginning of the year, which is when I got interested in calligraphy. Some of the first supplies I had were from her.”

As well as writing with calligraphy and participating in the brush Lettering Club, Mathioudakis paints. Last fall at a fundraiser for Riley Dance Marathon called Creations for a Cause, Mathioudakis sold some of her other artwork.

Mathioudakis said, “It was in November. They had a bunch of local boutiques and (senior) Rachel Kent had her bracelets for sale, and I was selling paintings and a couple other things. We had to pay a $20 deposit that went to Riley Dance Marathon.”

As well as her own website, Mathioudakis maintains an Instagram account, @sophiamarieletters, to share to followers her calligraphy designs.

On her Instagram account page, Mathioudakis posts pictures and videos detailing techniques for writing calligraphy.

On her website, she also has written about tools including brush pens, markers, and canvases.

Mathioudakis concluded, “(Calligraphy) is a good hobby for people who like art but maybe aren’t very good at drawing or painting. It’s really relaxing.”