Minor repairs are being made to new Innovation Center

Roof panels are being replaced due to incorrect installation


Lilly Art

Panels on the new Innovation Center are in the process of being replaced.

Lilly Art, Reporter

After a final inspection of the new Innovation Center, contractors found a minor installation issue in the building, which is now being addressed.

The construction company, Envoy, was monitoring the project and spotted the issue. The metal panels on the roof were installed incorrectly and are being replaced. Scaffolding will also be put on what is called the “eyebrow,” or overhang, of the east side of the building and on top of the roof in order for workers to be able to access the areas that need to be repaired.

Facilities and technology coordinator Mrs. Gara Schommer said crews are waiting for the metal panels to be imported from Sweden and new tile to arrive from Italy, but shipping delays are causing these items to take longer than expected. The work started during the beginning of February and is ongoing but should be completed by the first week of March.