March 3 SAT will require fully charged iPads

Tech director says juniors will participate in pilot program


Megaphone file photo

Juniors will need a fully charged iPad on March 3 to take the online SAT.

Olivia Uskert, Reporter

Paper booklets no more – the 2022 SAT is now online. While the test itself hasn’t been modified, the way it will be administered is different compared to previous years.

The school is part of a pilot program that is trying out the online SAT for the first time this year. Juniors will take the SAT on their iPads on March 3 while the rest of the school enjoys an asynchronous eLearning Day.

Students prepared for the big switch by participating in a practice SAT. Director of Technology Mr. Brian Haselby said, “We had a practice round of the digital SAT with all juniors.” During this practice, the juniors logged into a practice test to ensure all their software was working and that they would be able to use their iPads for the March 3 test.

Though most juniors logged into the test with no problem, there were still some bumps in the road for the tech team. Haselby said, “The biggest problem we ran into was that the LockDown browser was not compatible if you had updated your iPad to the latest version.” To combat this issue, the tech team will have a few loaner iPads that juniors can use to take the SAT.

Junior Alec Irwin was one of the students who encountered this problem. He said, “I’m not using my iPad to take the SAT. I have to use technology’s, because my iPad doesn’t work for it.” Irwin estimates that “roughly 10 other juniors ran into this issue.”

As the March 3 test approaches, students and staff alike are anxiously awaiting the SAT. Haselby said, “We’re just as nervous about taking the test as you are. I don’t want to have anything fail here on campus that’s going to cause you to have a tough time completing this test. We’re really dedicated to making sure this happens.”

And on a final note, Haselby reminds juniors to come to school on March 3 with their iPads fully charged and ready to go.