Juniors will receive SAT scores in late March

For the first time, students on the Hill took the test online


Megaphone file photo

School counselor Mr. Martin Kirkwood explained the process for juniors to receive their SAT scores from their March 3 test.

Lilly Art, Reporter

Juniors can expect their SAT scores no later than March 24, according to counselor Mr. Martin Kirkwood, who coordinated the test when all members of the Class of 2023 took it on March 3. 

This year for the first time the SAT was online. The technology staff had to supply extra iPads and chargers, and teachers had to go through special training to proctor the online tests. 

Kirkwood said, “Things went very smoothly, and I was thrilled that every student was prepared and ready to go. The scores reflect on both the students and the school, so I was very pleased that everyone took it so seriously.” 

He said that when juniors get their scores back, they should use them to help them determine their college options. However, Kirkwood stresses the importance of talking with counselors about this. Many colleges are making test scores optional, so he suggests asking counselors which ones require scores. 

Juniors also should compare their March 3 SAT scores to their PSAT scores to see how they improved – or not.  They should also use their results to prepare for future SAT tests and the ACT. Juniors should use Naviance when they receive their scores. They can use the scattergrams to compare their scores to others and to see their chances of admission to specific colleges. 

For more information, juniors should make an appointment with their counselor.