“Into the Woods” cast list is released

Spring musical will be performed in the school auditorium


Liam Eifert

During E period on March 7, sophomore Paul Sheddy works on the set for the upcoming production of “Into the Woods.”

Liam Eifert, Managing Editor

The school musical will be performed on April 28 with a matinee for invited area grade schools, then open to the general public with a string of 7 p.m. shows on April 28, April 29 and April 30 before finishing with a 2 p.m. show on May 1. All performances will take place in the school auditorium. 

This production of “Into the Woods” should last about an hour with no intermission, according to theater director Ms. K.T. Peterson. 

Peterson provided a cast list via email, noting that freshmen Easton Gogel and Sammy Moffatt, sophomore Louis Murray and senior Ethan Martin will make up the relatively small ensemble. 

Additional actors will include Little Red/Narrator, who will be played by sophomore Maya Marshalleck; Cinderella by sophomore Julia Hurley; Cinderella’s Mom by freshman Riley Keller; Baker’s Wife by senior Tricia Schneider; Jack by junior Charlie Haas; Baker by senior Sir Jonathan Thompson; Wolf by junior Colin Chandler; Mysterious Man by sophomore Sammy Parr; Granny by junior Olivia Griffith; Witch by freshman Lucy Lindner; Cinderella’s Stepmom by freshman Jackie Quadrini;

Also, Cinderella’s Prince by sophomore Jackson Maples; Rapunzel’s Prince by junior Joey Schmidt; Steward by senior Aidan Betts; Jack’s Mom by freshman Kristen Castellino; Rapunzel by sophomore Carrie Dobrota; Lucinda by freshman Gabi Hadad; Milky White by freshman Kathryn Kirschner; Cinderella’s Dad by freshman Sammy Moffatt; and Florinda by freshman Veronica Rondinella.

The play is a mash-up of well-known nursery rhymes and fables. According to the film’s website, As the result of the curse of a once-beautiful witch, a baker and his wife are childless. Three days before the rise of a blue moon, they venture into the forest to find the ingredients that will reverse the spell and restore the witch’s beauty: a milk-white cow, hair as yellow as corn, a blood-red cape and a slipper of gold. During their journey, they meet Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel and Jack, each one on a quest to fulfill a wish.