Fundraiser’s final total is announced

This year’s ShamrAuction generates $782.863


Jonas Hollis

At the assembly in the Welch Activity Center on March 7, students were tapped to display the final total raised in this year’s ShamrAuction.

Nicholas Rodecap, Co-Editor-in-Chief

As Covid-19 restrictions continue to loosen, one of the hallmarks of a return to normalcy was the first in-person, on-campus ShamrAuction in two years. 

In its 45th year, the “Top Gun”-themed fundraiser set out to raise money for tuition assistance in addition to a new coffeehouse. Senior director of advancement Mrs. Michelle Rhodes ‘01 Taylor said that $129,536 was raised to support the construction of the new, on-campus facility, dubbed the Johnny Mac Coffeehouse, which will be placed in the Shiel Student Life Center. This sum represents a considerable step in the coffeehouse project, the last big piece of an Innovation Center-sized puzzle. Construction is slated to begin this summer.

The SLC will see a revitalization of sorts once the coffeehouse is complete, having been left somewhat desolate post-Covid in light of the adjacent new dining hall. 

“All other proceeds support tuition assistance as part of the Cathedral Family of Funds,” Taylor said. There was also a cash raffle at the auction, and Taylor said that $1,600 will be allocated to teams and clubs around campus based on the $20 per ticket sold during the raffle.

The fundraiser’s first year saw a total of $62,000 raised, and Taylor said at an all-school assembly that this year’s goal was $570,000. That goal was exceeded substantially: in total, $782,863 was raised on Feb. 26.