Junior leads donation drive for schools in Nigeria

Snyder coordinates efforts as part of KassieKares


Avery Stuckey

Boxes in various locations on campus will be used to collect school supplies for KassieKares.

Avery Stuckey, Chief Reporter

One of the core values that is taught here on the Hill is family, with members who are there for each other and are willing to give a helping hand. Junior Brody Snyder is leading collections for a former member of the family.

“KassieKares was founded five or so years ago when the founder’s daughter died. Her goal was to build schools for the less fortunate in Nigeria, and now the schools need supplies. Donations will be accepted through March 16, Snyder said.

Students can put donations in boxes that have been placed around campus.

There are more ways to get involved than just giving donations. “There should be a call out meeting for a KassieKares Club. It will be put in the newsletter for people to be more aware of it. Students can help generate ideas and drives like this,” Snyder said.

With such a heartbreaking story it is important to give what you can. Snyder said,“The organization is youth philanthropy and allows people to give back to the community and this family.”