SAT Essay: Yes

Catherine Jasper, Co-Editor

It was only one year ago that every student who took the SAT was required to write an essay. With the new changes, the essay portion of the test became optional; however, this doesn’t mean students should ignore the essay because they don’t think it is worth it or because it seems like too much work.

When signing up for the SAT, students will simply be charged an extra $12 for the opportunity to show colleges his own, genuine writing.

Many colleges require applicants to take at least one SAT with the essay, just to show the admissions department the student can write on their own without anyone looking over their draft or possibly making changes to it.

Besides an example of a student’s own writing, colleges want to see he is capable of taking the initiative to sign up for a more challenging portion of the test.

The essay can provide unseen benefits. If students have trouble taking multiple choice tests or struggle with the math segment, the essay can provide an example of a stronger area of expertise.

Many believe only Ivy League colleges or universities require the essay, but many local universities recommend taking the essay.

The topic for the essay may be something you are likely to find in an English class, but this can be used to a student’s advantage. If you have seen something like the topic before, the overall essay process should be easier and you should feel more prepared than if the topic is something pulled out of thin air.

Choosing to take the essay shows you are a committed and dedicated student who is willing to give up more of their time to show colleges and universities how seriously you take your education and your future.

The SAT essay also can help students in the nearer future. The writing prompt is similar to an AP test, meaning taking one test to help you get into college can make a test for college credit seem easier.

Sure, the essay is tedious, but in the long run both you and the admissions team of your dream college will appreciate the effort and determination you showed in just choosing to take it.

Besides, what is 55 extra minutes in the grand scheme of life? What would you really be able to do with 55 minutes? You couldn’t finish a movie, you wouldn’t be able to finish all of your homework and you definitely could not finish a proper nap. Instead, you could make yourself look more desirable to colleges. And really, isn’t that the ultimate goal?