Form must be filed for out-of-school prom guests

Vice principal provides information for ensuring security


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The form for out-of-school prom guests may be accessed in the weekly student newsletter.

Ella Bundy, Reporter

For decades, prom has been an event that young couples look forward to and is central to the plot of many high school-based movies. With dashing themes, a night of excitement and the perfect place for making memories, it’s not surprising that many students choose to attend. 

However, despite all of the fun in the air, security at the event also must be addressed. 

Vice Principal Ms. Kathy Saum said, “Many, many chaperones, officers and Dads Club security (are) in the parking lot,” referring to the venue at Crane Bay. Saum noted that having a “school resource officer is just wonderful” when it comes to prom.

Plans such as those to take care of guests during the festivities are key to running a safe and secure prom that’s still full of fun.

However, students should take the correct precautions regarding prom as well.

Out-of-school guests must fill out a form to be admitted and students are not allowed to leave prom for any reason and then return. Students who attempt to return will be locked out, so it’s important that they stay at prom for as long as they want before leaving. For the out-of-school guests, if they haven’t filled out the mandatory form before attending prom, they will be turned away, Saum said. 

A link to this mandatory form can be found on the This Week On The Hill newsletter, sent via email every week. Students should print and fill out the form and turn it in to Saum at least 24 hours prior to the event.