Initial vote for next year’s theme ends in a tie

Juniors are asked to cast a second ballot

Juniors had to the option to choose from these Holy Cross value for their class theme for next year. The initial vote ended in a tie.

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Juniors had to the option to choose from these Holy Cross value for their class theme for next year. The initial vote ended in a tie.

Daniel Kent, Reporter

One of the many traditions which rising seniors take part in is voting on the Holy Cross core value theme for their final year on the Hill.

Usually, the juniors vote from a list of core values and the one which garners the most votes wins. However, director of Holy Cross Integration Ms. Ashley Hill said that this year’s vote ended in a tie — something that has not happened in her five years of being in charge of this process. She said, “Zeal and inclusivity and diversity both garnered 30% of the vote, and coming in third was integrity at 20%.” Due to this tie, the juniors will once again vote between the two values to choose a theme.

The class had the ability to vote on six of the nine Holy Cross core values: divine providence, integrity, educating hearts and minds, inclusiveness and diversity, option for the poor and zeal. Hill noted that only six were offered in order to, as she said, “rotate the theme so you get a different theme every year.” 

Hill said that the tie between zeal and inclusiveness and diversity shows the class’s passion for all things Cathedral. She described the core value of inclusiveness and diversity as treating others as they would like to be treated. “As Catholics, we use the phrase ‘one, holy Catholic and apostolic Church’ (which is) that idea of having full identity in Christ and that all are welcome to have that love of Christ,” Hill said. She continued by explaining that zeal is having passion to make God known, loved and served throughout one’s life. 

To sum it up, she said, “When somebody meets a Cathedral student or educator, I think these two values are two things we want them to see right away.” 

Each year, the chosen theme can be seen on posters, publications, postcards and many other items. Hill said that the school wants to implement the theme to serve as a focal point of the year, but in a subtle way. The core value can also be seen throughout various summer reading books and assignments throughout the year. 

Hill said, “We think giving the rising Senior Class the ability to set the tone on what they want their senior year to be focused on and around gives them some ownership for that year. It’s kind of their first right of leadership going forward.”

The results of the tie breaker vote will be announced on the first day back from spring break, April 4.