At Cathedral High School, faculty = family

With help from colleagues, teacher continues her recovery


Samantha Durm

Mrs. Katie Lewis, left, and Mrs. Cece Kasberg ’83, are both colleagues and good friends.

Samantha Durm, Reporter

One of the school’s core values is family, and after she experienced surgery and a car wreck, it didn’t take long for freshman religion teacher Mrs. Cece Kasberg ’83 to see that core value put into full effect.

In February just a week after she had returned from knee surgery, Kasberg left school early to head to physical therapy when she was the victim of a reckless driver who caused a car crash. Kasberg said, “The car accident had left a (bone bruise) on my tibia from where it smashed into my new knee. There was not much that (could) be done for it except stay off it, rest and elevate it until the pain subsided.”

Kasberg’s recovery was set back, but that’s when her Cathedral family came to her aid, primarily in the form of fellow religion teacher Mrs. Katie Lewis. Kasberg said, “(Lewis) picked up the phone call from me during her class and put me on speaker phone to her class, but I told her to take me off speaker phone. I said what had happened to me with my car and everything and asked her to pick me up and she did.”

About the call, Lewis, who is also a member of the Student Innovation Team, said, “She told me what happened, so I finished up my class and quickly went to her. I needed to do this one thing and nothing else,” said Lewis.

While Mrs. Kasberg continued to recover and was absent from the Hill, Lewis said, “There was a missing piece here; it felt empty.”

After the wreck, Kasberg said she received several emails from her students wishing her a speedy recuperation, along with visits from colleagues while she was recovering. “These warmed my heart and kept me mentally sane. I am truly thankful for the Cathedral family,” Kasberg said.

What Kasberg experienced over the last few weeks reinforced the school’s core value of family, with everyone taking care of each other. Kasberg said, “Mrs. Lewis truly exemplifies Christ in action.”