Seniors tab Mr. Spurgin as their graduation speaker

Selection is based on a vote by all class members


Megaphone file photo

In his classroom, Mr. Gary Spurgin assists a student with an assignment.

Megaphone Staff

Based on a vote of the members of the Class of 2022, French teacher Mr. Gary Spurgin will be the faculty speaker at this year’s graduation ceremonies, which are scheduled for Sunday, May 22 at Brunette Park.

Senior Class co-moderator Mrs. Katie Lewis announced the seniors’ choice in an email. She wrote, “(The Senior Class officers and I) congratulate Mr. Spurgin for this very respectable distinction and know that he will represent the faculty and staff at Cathedral High School with honor. Like so many faculty and staff members before (him) have done, we know that he will send our graduates off to the next chapter of their lives with compassion and support.”

This year, the process for choosing the faculty speaker was changed slightly. In the past, seniors selected from a list of all Cathedral educators, then finalists were named and voted on. This year, teachers had to indicate that they wished to be considered, then seniors voted on their choice from among the teachers on that list.