Student Council registration deadline is April 8

Elections will take place on April 22, moderator stays


Cathedran file photo

Coordinating Homecoming activities, including the powderpuff football game, is just one of the many responsibilities of Student Council members.

Caroline Schiling, Chief Reporter

The deadline current freshmen, sophomores and juniors to run for next year’s Student Council is April 8.

Student Council faculty moderator Mrs. Kim Jamell describes Student Council in an email to students. She wrote, “Student Council is a group of students selected by their peers and the moderators to lead the school.” Once a student is elected onto the Council, they remain a member and do not have to run again.

Once potential Council members register, during April those students will take part in interviews and campaigns, ending with elections on April 22. Applications are to be turned in to Jamell’s classroom. She recommends students “to get a lot of posters up and get your name out there, and don’t be afraid to ask someone to vote for you.” 

The application form was emailed to students, and includes questions regarding grades, extracurricular activities and teacher recommendations. After applications are submitted, interviews are held with Mr. Ed Freije ’99 and Jamell. The applications reflect the student’s personality, attitude and schoolwork. These applications are reviewed by the administration to ensure that reps will do great work and represent the StuCo and the school well. 

Throughout the school year, those on the Student Council have different opportunities and responsibilties. They help with freshman orientation, Homecoming and the Homecoming assembly, the canned food drive, Winterfest, Irish 500 and other school events. 

Applications will be looked through, and students will be able to vote for their representative through a form sent on April 22. Jamell said, “I have encouraged a lot of kids to run over the years.”