School will gather for Stations of the Cross

Event will take place in the Welch Activity Center


Jade Zhao

The Welch Activity Center, the venue for a Mass earlier this school year, will be the site for Stations of the Cross on April 12 during the activity period.

Mary Kate Pastorino, Reporter

The Hill will host a Stations of the Cross meditation for the first time in three years on April 12 during the activity period.

The event will take place during the morning in the Welch Activity Center and all students will attend. Father Jim Farrell will lead the school in the Stations of the Cross meditation.

Director of Campus Ministry Mr. David Neeson said, “(Stations) is highlighting 14 moments in the Passion of Christ, and then taking each one of those moments and focusing a little bit deeper on what does that moment mean. Whether people realize it or not, their relationship with Christ is the most important relationship they’ll ever have, and so the opportunity to get to know Him and His story is what I think the Stations do.”

Neeson mentioned that it is important for students to pay attention to what Christ actually went through during the Lenten season, especially during Holy Week.

There will be no direct student participation in this event when it comes to volunteering or serving. Neeson said, “This one is a gift to the students and that there is no heavy involvement. This is allowing them to come and just reflect. Your involvement is by being a participant in the meditation.”

Neeson said, “(When) meditating on the Passion of Christ, it’s a challenge to stay focused when exhaustion can kick in. It’s a challenge to stay focused when some of the other stressors are hitting you.” He said he hopes that students will come with a reflective mindset and that they are ready to rise to the challenge to stay focused and to be with Christ.