Final plans are in place for prom on April 23

Class officers announce menu, other pertinent information


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Juniors Bryson Bethel and Kamryn Smith will join several hundred of their closest friends and classmates at the prom on April 23 at the Crane Bay Event Center. Promposals have become a tradition for inviting that special someone to prom.

Lilly Art, Reporter

The school’s annual prom will take place on April 23 thanks to the help of the prom committee. They have spent months planning and preparing and have said that they are very excited for this special event.

This year, prom will take place at the Crane Bay Center in Downtown Indianapolis. Prom has been held there before, but due to Covid-19, the event was not allowed to be hosted at this site for the past two years. The dance will last three and a half hours, from 7:30 p.m to 11 p.m.  Students cannot enter after 8 p.m, and cannot leave until 11 p.m. 

All juniors and seniors can attend, and sophomores are permitted only if invited by an upperclassman. However, sophomores from other schools cannot go at all.

The prom committee is led by Junior Class moderators Miss Laurie O’Brien and Mrs. Lisa Blamey and class president Brody Snyder. O’Brien and Blamey helped the group with all of the logistics and gave them advice on different decisions regarding the event. Snyder described himself as the “middle man” between the moderators and the class officers. He sent out regular emails with information and helped wherever was needed to make things run smoother. 

The Junior Class officers were also part of the committee, as well as a few juniors who signed up. For prom, they were in charge of choosing the theme of “Las Vegas” and the menu, and they helped make and put together decorations.

Starting in February, the committee met once a week to plan. A lot of the decorations have started to arrive, so meetings have become more frequent.

The school has a different theme for the dance. Over the years, it has seen various themes like “Ancient Greece” and “Hollywood.” One of the first steps that was taken in prom planning this year was deciding on a theme. The class officers brainstormed with each other, as well as with the Senior Class officers and moderators, and decided on a “Vegas”-themed dance. 

Part of the cost of decorations is covered by administration, but most of it comes from the ticket sales. The prices of the tickets depend on the cost of the decorations, menu and venue for that year. 

Since this year’s theme is “Vegas,” many of the decorations match accordingly. The committee decided that there will be a red carpet, large dice at the entrances and centerpieces made out of poker chips and dice. Junior Class officer Lucy Clark said that there will also be poker tables with a hired card dealer. She said people will be able to play actual games like Roulette and Black Jack, although no real money will be involved. 

The committee also helped in getting sashes and crowns for the prom court, which will be announced later in the evening.

Another important piece of planning was the dinner menu. Crane Bay will cater. They gave the class officers their menu so they could look through it and decide which foods should be served. Clark shared that there were so many options it was hard to choose.

The dinner will be served at various stations buffet style, with options including Caesar salad, several varieties of mac and cheese, assorted pizza flatbreads, cheeseburger sliders with fries and chicken tenders. For dessert, the officers chose brownies, cookie dough cheesecake and chocolate covered strawberries. 

Snyder said, “We have been extremely excited for our menu and hope the rest of the school is, too.” He encourages students not to eat dinner beforehand. 

Both Snyder and Clark shared that there is growing excitement among the upperclassmen about prom. Many emails have been sent with information and reminders, and updates have been posted on class Instagram accounts. There is even a Twitter account for promposals. 

Snyder said, “From what I’ve heard, people are really excited for this year’s prom, especially since both juniors and seniors have yet to attend prom.” This year’s seniors did not have their junior prom last year due to Covid-19 causing limited attendance only for seniors, so this will be their first prom as well. 

Clark said, “Our goal is to make this a really fun and memorable night for everyone.”