It’s not too late to register for summer school

A variety of courses are being offered on the HIll


Megaphone file photo

Mr. John Streiff’s ’09 Latin class is one of the many options students have for taking a summer school class in June.

Given Lee, Reporter

As the deadline approaches, it’s still not too late to sign up for a summer school class. 

Summer school provides an opportunity for incoming freshmen to take electives and also for current students to get a jump on their classes. Admissions Liaison Mr. Bill Peebles ‘88 said, “I graduated from Cathedral and was an athlete, so I was here a lot during the summer anyway and if I had the chance, I would have done (summer school).” 

The current summer school enrollment is 263 not including those who will take remediation classes for English and math.  There are a total of 345 individual classes signed up, meaning that a large portion of the students are taking multiple classes. Classes start on June 6 and end on June 30 and meet three and one-half hours each school day. The fee for each course is $500. To register, go to

The summer courses include PE and health, ceramics, economics, faith and film, government, journalistic writing, Latin 3, speech, zoology, composition, debate and world religions. Incoming freshmen can take only PE, health, ceramics and journalistic writing. Each class needs to have at least six students enrolled to be offered. 

For summer athletes, especially football players who do not think they will be able to participate since they have summer conditioning, that is not true. Peebles said, “Our coaches do a great job at (scheduling) the workouts around summer school.” With sessions before school summer starts and after it ends, all football players could potentially participate. Other sports like cross-country also are accommodating to the summer school schedule. 

Whether students are looking to clear space in their schedule for AP classes or to take an extra art class, summer school can truly help them enhance both their academic and social experience on campus.