Seniors complete annual graduation survey

Counselor notes importance of feedback from the Class of ’22


Caroline Schiling

As seniors make their final college decisions, pennants represent their selections.

Caroline Schiling, Chief Reporter

Senior survey is a graduation requirement and a helpful tool for counseling and information for future graduating classes and is sent to seniors via Naviance.

The survey is a requirement for seniors to fill out for graduation and their diploma. It gives counselors information about what college they decided on, test scores and test prep, advice for future classes as well as several open ended questions. 

School and college counselor Ms. Kathy Pivonka said, “We add up all total offers. It’s on them to make sure they report all of their data and scholarships. Then we ask other questions, (such as) ‘How many schools did you apply to? Did you get your first choice? And did you send your test scores?’ Then we have some open-ended questions.”

This survey collects all of the scholarship offers for the graduating class. Pivonka and other counselors put the survey together and send it out after spring break. In the 17 years that Pivonka has been here, counselors have always used the survey to gather data and as a graduation requirement. This also allows counseling to send final transcripts to colleges. 

“We tweak it a little every year. Our office creates it and that way we have the data for anytime a student goes on the scattergrams (on Naviance),” said Pivonka. 

Not only is this survey helpful for the graduating class and counselors, but it is also helpful for future classes. Pivonka includes open ended questions and advice for underclassmen. These questions allow for graduates to share their suggestions. This also allows the seniors to reflect on their time on the Hill. This year, Pivonka added the question “Who was the educator that influenced you over your four years?” This question allows students to share their gratitude to their teachers and other staff. 

Seniors were asked to have these surveys done by May 1 as well to list their final school choice. This date allows counselors to work with them and ensure the data is complete. 

Seniors’ school choices can be seen in the hallway between the Innovation Center and Kelly Hall. Pivonka said, “We add the money up to see if the class broke any records; that’s a goal.”