Cathedral wraps up Teacher Appreciation Week

Mother’s Club coordinates redecorating of two lounges


Celia Miles

Religion teacher Mr. Matt Cannaday and Latin teacher Mr. John Streiff ’09 take advantage of the newly redecorated teacher workroom in Kelly Hall.

Celia Miles, Reporter

During the week of May 2, the school took extra steps to show the staff on the Hill some love.

Mother’s Club president Mrs. Missy Llewellyn said, “We feel it’s important because without all the educators, including the transportation team, food service (and) classroom teachers, Cathedral could not function. They put countless hours into making Cathedral what it is.”

During the week parents have passed out treats, donated gift cards and given letters of appreciation. Honor Society members also hosted a breakfast on May 3 for teachers to enjoy.

“One thing Mother’s Club did differently this year was to take some of the funds we would generally spend on a lunch or individual gifts and do a makeover in two of the staff lounges on campus. Our educators need a nice place to grab a cup of coffee, eat lunch or take a moment to meet with other educators,” Llewellyn said.

Llewellyn also said, “While we appreciate them year ‘round, we want to make this really know during Educator Appreciation Week.” No matter it be putting in a little more effort in class or telling your teacher thank you a little bit more, Teacher Appreciation Week can become a year round thing.